Over the last 15 years we have met many owners who would love to work with an architect, through a simpler, more affordable design & build process. Here’s how Artis makes that work for you, from concept design to build.

1. Design


Site visit – workshop the best Artis block layout for you & your land

Produce 3D model and floorplan of your house

2 x design workshops – select all finishes and finalise design tweaks

Present construction quote and build contract

Fee usually $8,000 – $14,000 subject to project size or complexity

Artis Exterior Karaka

Pay a deposit

Prepare & lodge Building Consent documents (and Resource Consent if required)

Prepare project for construction

Artis Step Three Process Consenting Plans

Build your Artis

Liaise with architect on site at key moments

Move in and enjoy your Artis!

Bell Drone Shot Artis Home


  • Why should I use Artis to design & build?

    In one phrase, Artis design and build beautiful, simple, smaller homes. We believe that homes can be designed to be more compact and affordable without compromising design quality. We have years of experience of building premium architectural homes through our sister company Box™, and have applied these learnings to Artis to make the architectural design and build process efficient and faster.

    How is Artis different from a typical architectural practice?

    While a traditional architect will design a house from a blank page, at Artis we use specific design principles and a library of proven design templates and specifications as the basis of our projects. This allows us to reduce our design fees to approximately a third of those a typical architect will charge.

    How is Artis different from a design and build company?

    Artis is very similar to other design and build companies in that we carry out design and building under the same roof. Design is the driving force behind Artis. You will be guided throughout the process by our experienced designers, not salespeople or ‘client managers’. With background support from our quantity surveyors and project managers, your designer will ensure that you get the best outcome for your brief and the site, and have fun along the way!

    What is the quality like of an Artis home?

    The same high quality you would expect from a company with an architectural heritage like Box™. In terms of design, we have taken the best learning from over 400 projects and brought them into the Artis range of homes. In terms of specifications, we use materials, fixtures and fittings that we have tried and tested over the years and offer a good balance of performance and price.

  • Are there any design restrictions?

    All Artis homes are designed to NZS 3604, New Zealand’s most commonly used standard for residential timber framed houses. Designing to this standard allows us to minimise the need for specific engineering design and steelwork, making the design and construction easier and more cost effective. We aim to balance design flair and cost by working with set room dimensions and proportions, and our layouts are designed to maintain a simplified roof form.

    Is Artis more for baches and holiday homes?

    Not at all! Artis is equally suited to family homes, in-fill housing, visitor dwellings, sleepouts as well as being a great solution for a bach.

    How much can I customise my Artis?

    The dimensions and shape of an Artis home can be altered as long as they adhere to our design principles. Your Artis designer will advise you on what can and cannot be achieved with our system. In our experience, there are very few occasions where Artis design principles will compromise the design of a home. We use a number of canvases and modular blocks as the basis for our designs and then modify them to suit the site and brief. The layout and dimensions of these spaces, as well as the fixtures and finishings we recommend, have been proven over the years to be functional and flexible enough for us to balance design flair and affordability. That being said, if you want something to be changed, just ask us and we can usually oblige!

    Does Artis build 2 or 3 storey?

    Yes, Artis has designed and built 2-storey homes up to 4 bedrooms. We have not yet been asked to do any 3 storey homes, but it is possible to apply our design principles to this typology.

  • What is the aim of the Feasibility Stage, and outputs?

    The aim of the stage is to understand if the project is feasible in terms of planning risks and affordability. During the stage we visit site and discuss the project and brief with you. We produce a block ‘layout’ or floorplan of what we think fits on the site and answers your brief. Once back in the office, we will issue a report on our findings and our recommended budget. If you think we are on the right track, the next stage ‘Design’ is where we refine the design further and produce a 3D model.

    I’m not 100% happy with the layout, can we make some revisions?

    If you are not completely satisfied with the layout but believe the project is feasible and that we are ‘on the right path’ with the design and budget, we would recommend revising the design in the next stage – Design.

    I’m happy with the output of the Feasibility Stage, what can I expect in Step 2 – Design?

    The next stage is where we really get to work on the design. This stage involves a couple of workshops at our office. We will first produce a 3D model of the house. We will then have a workshop to review all the specifications and the design. If there are further design tweaks to do we will make these changes. We then have a second workshop to confirm design changes and any further tweaks. We will also confirm specifications. Following this work, we will put together a construction quote and contract which we will present to you.

  • Are your example Estimate Costs accurate?

    At Artis, our aim is to give you a realistic picture of the total construction cost. That’s why our prices include GST, site works (based on a flat site) and a 12m² deck to go along with your beautiful new home and interior design packages.

    How much does Artis charge for the design?

    There are two stages. The site visit and initial block layout is a fee of $1,750 in the Auckland area. The design development, specification and costing is usually between $5,000 and $12,000 depending on size and complexity. This stage results in a construction contract between you and Artis. Once this is accepted by you and a deposit is paid, we will finalise consent drawings, obtain building consent and complete the build.

    The feasibility budget for the house is more than I had hoped – what are my options?

    One aim of the feasibility stage is to understand a realistic building cost based on the brief. Aside from winning Lotto, the options are usually to revise the size of the house, or not to proceed. If you would like to review the house layout, we are happy to have another design workshop at our office, produce up to two more layouts and have these budgeted for you.

    I would like to compare the budget of this layout to other layouts

    Our process for doing this is to hold another workshop where we can come up with up to two more layouts and have these budgeted for you.