Rang Looking Out From Living Room


We believe a beautiful home is a celebration of small everyday moments. Each Artis captures these moments through a variety of carefully crafted design options, chosen by you to suit your personality and land. Here's just a few ways your Artis helps make the mundane, magical.

Bell Kitchen Magnificent View

Position the windows of your Artis to capture
the views unique to your site.

Watching the birds in the trees (or let’s face it, 
the kids on the trampoline) is a brilliant distraction while doing the dishes.

We’re a big fan of using colour to create interest in a space. It’s an excellent way to add that wow factor without breaking the bank.

Piha Second Bedroom

Add some fun to your spaces with ply lined ceilings or simply paint it your favourite colour. Go on… be bold!

Huia Artis Home

That moment you reach home after battling through the traffic on a stormy day… we reckon that’s worth celebrating!

Whether it's a covered entry, built in cabinetry to hang up your coat or some timber screening to add an extra touch of beauty, whatever helps you transition home a little bit smoother, we're all over it!

Materials play an integral
role in what we do at Artis.

Hele Living Room Artis Home

Elongated windows and doors leading out to a deck come as standard with your Artis home.

Indoor outdoor flow… need we say more? We won’t yap on about the benefits of nature, but rest assured that your Artis will always consider its surroundings and invite in the best of it!

We love multi-purpose items. What better way to make the most of your space than adding a cosy window seat to your bedroom or living area.

RUAW 1 window seat

Study bench, toy store, Sunday nap spot… how will you use your window seat?

Rang Exterior Home

A classic way of adding a little personality to your home, and very helpful for directions!

Artis entry doors come in a variety of colours to help your house stand out from the crowd? Or why not take it a step further (like This is Here’s Artis Design) with colourful window frames, roofing and walls too!

Extending your roof over the deck is an excellent way to add space and make the most of your land year-round.


The rain won’t be ruining our parade (read, BBQ party) with a cosy covered outdoor area.

We love being bold with colour.

  • "We loved the whole process, from the start, we felt the excitement of the team and knew we were getting what we wanted".

    Mary & Dave