Design & build – how it was always meant to be!

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The concept of design and build is not a new one when it comes to creating homes. In the past, designing and building a house was often carried out by skilled architects or master builders who had control of the entire project.

These individuals possessed a comprehensive understanding of both the creative and practical aspects of construction, allowing them to execute projects with efficiency and finesse. While the industry has evolved over time, with increasing specialisation and division of roles, the integrated design-build approach remains a powerful and advantageous way to create successful projects and ensure happy customers!

Historically, architects and master builders were responsible for overseeing every aspect of a home’s creation, from initial concept to the final construction. Their holistic approach allowed for seamless coordination between the artistic vision and the technical implementation, resulting in a harmonious and well-crafted end product. These individuals possessed a diverse skill set, blending creative flair with a deep understanding of construction materials, techniques, and structural principles.

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As the construction industry expanded and became more complex, the roles of architects and builders began to diverge. Architects focused on the design and conceptual aspects, often leaving the actual construction to specialised builders and contractors. This separation of roles had some benefits, as it allowed professionals to develop expertise in specific areas. However, it also introduced potential challenges, such as miscommunication, delays, errors, increased project management complexities and a lack of accountability towards the customer.

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In recent years, the integrated design-build approach has experienced a resurgence as a response to these challenges. An integrated design-build company like Artis brings all the necessary skills and expertise under one roof, reuniting the creative and technical aspects of construction. By having architects, designers, estimators, and builders working collaboratively within the same company, the entire process becomes more streamlined and efficient. One of the key advantages is the seamless flow of information and communication between team members. This fosters a collaborative environment where ideas and solutions can be shared openly, leading to more innovative and practical design solutions. Additionally, it minimises the chances of misinterpretation or misalignment between different stakeholders, as everyone is on the same page from the initial stages of the project.

For customers, an integrated design-build company offers a single point of contact throughout the project (or ‘one through to choke’ as a client recently described it!). Having one entity responsible for the entire process ensures accountability and reduces the chances of finger-pointing if any issues arise. The cohesive nature of an integrated team also fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the project’s success. Artis has learned many important lessons around this from its sister company Box™, which has been designing and building homes across Auckland for the last 15 years, and believes this is the best way to create delightful homes and delighted customers.

By having architects, designers, estimators, and builders working collaboratively within the same company, the entire process becomes more streamlined and efficient.