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Artis is proud to promote the great work of Collective by Box™, who have set up a market place for local craftspeople who design beautiful things for homes. These people encapsulate good old values for creativity and craft, locally made, small batches and meant to last.

Waiheke Ceramics Showcase
Waiheke Ceramics Showcase

Collective by Box™ invites craftists and artists to connect on a new online marketplace. Think of it a bit like Etsy meets The Design Chaser: it’s a curated assembly of Kiwi-made homeware products and objects that speak to our aesthetic and to our soul.

Keeping it local is key but also… keeping it real. The items in this online store include pottery, rugs, furniture, lighting and art.

“It’s anything that brings us small moments of joy and resonates with the in-house team,” says Box™ co-founder Dan Heyworth (who secretly wants a spot reserved for his home-roasted spicy almonds).

We’re open minded and excited to be able to nurture homegrown talent. We want to celebrate and support design innovation, plus unearth some products and pieces that key into the Box™ and Artis DNA. We have a particular fondness for authenticity and hand-crafted objects.

The launch of Collective by Box™ was in late 2022 and we’re hoping the site will grow organically.

So, if you’re a start-up designer or an artist who appreciates our brand and think you make something that would fit with our thinking, get in touch ([email protected]). It could be the start of a beautiful relationship!


Lukeke craftists at work
The Lukeke craftists at work.

We support craftspeople, artisans, artists and anyone who designs and makes local objects for the home, to be used and loved for years to come.